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Draftstars Ownership Breakdown

Draftstars Ownership Breakdown is a premium offering, you can sign up for a small monthly fee here. To get an indepth rundown on the tool keep on reading.

If you are already a member then please login with your existing account. Once you’ve done that you can access the tool here.

Have you ever wondered how the best coaches in Draftstars continually win tournaments while you spend hours and hours building lineups only to place just outside the cash spots? Itโ€™s because each of them have developed successful strategies which they stick to slate after slate, they may have down swings but in the long run their methods continously return sound profits.

What are these strategies you ask? Well weโ€™re not here to tell you that specifically however we do provide you the means to research historical slates and delve into the playing styles of these coaches (and others). This tool was the single most important resource I personally used to improve my own game, to the point that Draftstars limited the tournaments that I could enter.

Australian Fantasy sites provide tips on who to pick based on matchup, form, role, etc but there is very little out there helping coaches improve their game theory, etc. Itโ€™s because of this I decided to release this tool after being so hesitant previously.

Historical Slates
Draftstars Ownership Breakdown covers both the Main and Micro tournaments with completed slates added at the completion of each tournament (overnight). The tool let’s you access historical records all the way back to the start of the 2023 season.

Data is available for all Mass Multi Entry (MME) coaches on each of these slates, with any player who has entered 20 or more lineups in any given slate included.

Player Ownership
Player ownership is crucial to being a successful DFS coach, however it’s not just about picking the best players but also about leveraging against the field. Each coaches ownership structure is broken down and compared against the field inlcuding a leverage score for each.

Where to spend your money is also a key consideration with things like positional scarcity important to consider, because of this we’ve added a graphical breakdown of each coaches ownership by position on a box and whiskers plot. This provides a quick and easy way of identifying where coaches have spread their money across a slate.

Positional Stacks
Correlation is important to understand in DFS with forward stacks or defender stacks a strategy some successful coaches like to implement. Forward stacks may be deployed in expected blow outs or defender stacks usually target specific matchups. The tool provides a breakdown of these stacks with the ability to filter entered teams by each type.

A consolidated list of entered teams is also included with a Team Stack breakdown provided for each lineup.

By sorting the table it’s easy to interrogate each coaches thought process on lineup construction for any given slate. This gives a priceless insight into Crunching Philsophy for those who want to start entering more lineups or those just wanting to tweak their own approach.