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DVP Matchup

Our Defense vs Position (DVP) tool (link) is one of our most popular offerings. Accompanying that is our DVP Matchup tool which breaks down the player positions for upcoming matchups giving you a better understanding of who to target in your lineups. Data will become available each week once teams are named. The +/- DVP rating shown in the table is based on the last ten rounds.
Positions in the table have been classified by using a clustering algorithm which groups similar players based on their last ten games, where they have played insufficient games they are unclassified. Some players who have had recent role changes may not yet have moved classifications.

As the classifications are generated from an algorithm there will always be a small percentage of players that are classified incorrectly (e.g. swing men may come up as wings as stats are gathered at both ends of the field over multiple games). A small percentage of positional error does not affect the overall DVP values but the user should use their own judgement when using this tool. More specifically, don’t @ us on Twitter to let us know of an obvious misclassification ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Player status is updated regularly throughout the lead up to game time but note itย IS NOT LIVEย so itโ€™s important that the user be aware of any late changes.